Congressman Bobby Rush dons a hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin, violating House dress code. 

Never forget


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i say “fight me” a lot for a girl who is 5”3’ and has a hard time opening some doors because they’re too heavy

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humanity might be alight

This is exactly what I thought when I voted this morning

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sister is a verb

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In honor of this day of remembrance: April 17, 1975

Is the change I seek revolutionary? Is every revolution going to require bloodshed? When “The Revolution” comes will I be able to take my mother and father with me? And what about my children? The Revolution did come to us. On April 17, 1975 the revolution marched into Phnom Penh. It emptied out the city. Nearly every single family in Cambodia suffered losses during the time of the Khmer Rouge. An estimated 2 million Cambodians died. There is no exact body count.

I was too young to be recruited as a child soldier. In 1975, The People’s Revolutionary Party instead enlisted me in the fields where I would pick up cow dung. The unrelenting sun scorched my hair a shiny amber.1978 my mother almost died giving birth to my brother. There were no doctors or nurses in their commune. Professionals, intellectuals, former government officials, and religious figures were targeted for torture and execution. Kindness spared my father who would have otherwise been executed for being a teacher and a Muslim. The oppressive Khmer Rouge regime lasted 3 years, 8 months and 20 days. In 1979 when the borders reopened, my family was forced to leave Cambodia for the nearest Thai refugee camp. Survival is an instinct the body remembers well. On June 30, 1979, my family left the Thai camps for America. I do not need to have memories of violence to know that the experience of genocide has never left my body.

My parents never left me behind even when the Revolution left us with nothing. The change I seek has to include my family even if their politics differ from mine. The change I seek must be rooted in love. I believe that you can’t serve your people if you don’t love your people. Acts of violence can never be acts of love.”

— Artist and activist, Anida Yoeu Ali. Anida is also the producer of the award-winning documentary, Cambodian Son. It screens today at 3:30pm at East Bay Media Center in Berkeley, CA. (via fascinasians)

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There’s a petition going around that is asking for Comedy Central to give me my own spot after The Daily Show! People keep bringing it up to me and it’s like, a strange thing to ignore (for the sole purpose of being politically correct). SO I want to like, take a moment and say thank you to those that created it and signed it. That is unbelievably nice of you. And I am so very very honored to like, even be a person that some people would consider a candidate to slip into that 11:30 spot. (sounds like sex!)

That being said, I’m sure Comedy Central already has something dope in the works to take that particular spot (teehee sex!) after the Daily Show. I’m sure it will be great and funny and wonderful! I can’t wait to see what it is.

BUT whatever happens with that slot, just know that I appreciate your support. Also know that right now I am in the middle of creating and working on some VERY dope things. Not necessarily the exact way that you lovelies have envisioned it, maybe something, dare I say it- ESPECIALLY & MAGNIFICENTLY DOPER. Y’all shall see soon, ya hear?!

One Million Namastes,

Jessica  Williams

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Can I help you?

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An Archetype.

white tumblr

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Mike asked: Also actually racist.

It’s so fucking ridiculous that we have to pretend that that bullshit channel is anything other than a bunch of open racists.




seriously go vote for laverne cox in this like fuck does a cis man get more attention for a shit portrayal of transwomen than u know, an actual living transwoman



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a white submarine by 

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

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Favorite Screencap - (3/?)

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